Our Story

Wool & Chocolate: a Small, Great Revolution in the Confectionery of Piedmont

It all began with a passion for the authentic, sincere and unique. Not just relying on chance, but on determination and precision: Wool & Chocolate reinterprets the confectionery specialities that are a symbol of Piedmont, made with artisanal care, with contemporary appeal and with an extra special touch. Add to that the DNA of someone who speaks of Italian excellence, and you have the portrait of Ettore Fila, creator of the Wool & Chocolate brand, and son of Giansevero, the founder of Fila Sport. From the textile sector to the food sector, then, but with the same culture, the same entrepreneurial lucidity and that innate instinct, allowing for anything 'beautiful and well-made'.

Results are only achieved when an idea is backed up with constant work, dedication, curiosity and continuous study. This is why Ettore Fila undertook field research to seek out the most qualified pastry ateliers and selected only the best manufacturers that were able to supply the best raw materials. The project spans various fields, combining aesthetics, attention to detail, a close relationship with local traditions and above all, a love for excellent food. Wool & Chocolate’s scope is vast, and has an international reach.

The Art of Confectionery: Between Tradition and Innovation

The Canestrello biellese or the Gianduiotto torinese – the pride of Piedmont that have been world-famous for years on account of their excellence – are reinvented according to Ettore Fila's personal vision. The idea is to be faithful to the original model in both the basic ingredients and the appearance, but with a unique and decidedly modern appeal. How? By reinventing them in a mignon version, as Canestrellino, Giandujottino and Cremjno. Also with the use of special and unexpected ingredients such as, for example, citrus fruits from Sicily, salt and nougat.
The revolution of Wool & Chocolate is both small and great, transforming sweets into precious jewels, with minute and elegant packaging, perfect to be displayed, given as a gift and enjoyed at any time, on any occasion. All products can also be customised with words or logos at the customer's request.
Working in close contact with the area's historical ateliers, Ettore Fila has succeeded in developing a product that, like an Haute Couture 'Capsule Collection', is destined to become a new must-have in the world of Italian gourmet excellence.
The chocolate, the crispy wafers, almonds and hazelnuts are of the highest quality, and are just some of the ingredients that make up the mouth-watering catalogue of Wool & Chocolate. In addition to the iconic Canestrellino, there are Cremjni (in the classic flavour, with nougat or extra dark), Giandujottino (traditional, salted, coffee, extra dark or Sicilian citrus versions), Torrone and Torcettino with caramelised sugar, not to mention seasonal products such as Colomba, Panettone and Pandoro. All made with passion!