Wool and Chocolate: a Small, Great Revolution in the Confectionery of Piedmont

It all began with a passion for the authentic, sincere and unique. Not just relying on chance, but on determination and precision: Wool & Chocolate reinterprets the confectionery specialities that are a symbol of Piedmont, made with artisanal care, with contemporary appeal and with an extra special touch.

“I learnt an important lesson from my father Giansevero, the visionary founder of Fila Sport: he taught me the value of work, discipline, organisation and the continuous search for beauty. Building on this legacy, I decided to get involved and take on a new challenge. I channelled all my love for Piedmont, the area where I grew up, into Wool & Chocolate, celebrating the excellence of its confectionery, the work of skilled artisan confectioners. It is a project in continuous evolution, continually enriched with new ideas, ingredients, contacts and collaborations. It will, I am sure, win you over!”